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Welcome to Columbus, Ohio!
My name is Jean Hayward, "The Tour Lady," and I can't wait to show you Ohio's capital city


News, News, Important News!

 Who doesn't love Chocolate?!!

  The love of chocolate in our City and Country continues to grow.  So...I've developed a "Chocolate Lovers Tour of Columbus."

  This tour will continue throughout 2015 by arrangement.  Christopher Columbus brought the first cocoa beans to Europe.  Let's explore his namesake city to see what he started.  I will need a minimum of four (4) persons for this tour to "go," and it will cost $65 per person with an occasional reimbursement along the way for this four (4) hour tour.

     Call 614-326-0942 to schedule your day.


By the way, I know Columbus is not Paris, New York or London.   Good....we don't have as much pollution, crime, or high prices as the really big metropolises, but this little gem of a city does have a lot to offer.  What would you like to see?  What would you like to do? How about an overview of this city waiting to warmly welcome its many visitors?   We can show it all--spectacular landscapes, spiritual heritage churches, fascinating Mid-West history, amazing architecture, relaxing tearoom tours, and yes, we've become a foodie town!

Capital City Tours has been regaling visitors and locals alike for 17 years.  Call us today at 614-326-0942 to discuss your choice and desire...we'll get you there.




My Mission

To be the "go-to tour guide" for visitors and locals desiring to know more about Columbus, Ohio, by providing fun, educational, and fact-filled tours with happy employees who are glad to know you.


Our City Overview Tour of Columbus, Ohio.  I love showing how we got started, where we are now, and some of our hopes and dreams for the future.   This tour is for 2-5 persons in my van, takes about 2 hrs., and costs $25 per person, with a 2-person minimum.  Got a larger group?  No problem...I'll gladly arrange proper transportation.  Prices will then vary.  C'mon...let's travel the streets of Columbus together. 


Don't forget Reunions!

I offer family reunions, class reunions, military reunions.  Please call me at 614-326-0942 because I want you to have great memories after your reunion is over.  It doesn't have to be "dry."  I work with you to provide the best service I know how.


Third Grade Teachers...Hark!

The State of Ohio has teaching requirements for your 3rd Grade students.  I know they get the fun of learning a little more about their City.  I have just the specialized tour for your youngsters.  I'd love to be the one to show them how Columbus got started and some fun facts, plus a little surprise or two!  Call me at 614-326-0942 and let's talk about your needs and how I can help you fill them.  It would be my pleasure!



 OUR POPULAR CIVIL WAR TOUR RETURNS FROM 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014! 



Now in its final year, this tour would get an "R" rating if it were a movie!

Sex, violence, pillaging,'s all here.  Quickly...go to the next tab!

Come along as we walk in the footsteps of Union soldiers and doomed Confederate prisoners, fiery abolitionist, and desperate runaways, heroes, villains, and ordinary people struggling to survive one of the most extraordinary times in our nation's history, right here in Columbus.  Read More on next page.

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